September 22, 2017

What is a Home Warranty


What is a Home Warranty?  

By Guest Columnist Carla Muller (Account Executive, NE Atlanta)

View Home Warranty Plans from HWAWhat is a Home Warranty? A home warranty is a separate contract that covers repairs and replacements on home’s systems and appliances, usually for a period of one year. The types of properties that are usually covered under a home warranty are single –family homes, condominiums, townhomes, mobile homes, multi-units and new construction. There are no restrictions on the age of your home and its systems or appliances. Plus, a home warranty can be renewed every year, and coverage of specific items can be changed or added.

Why should you have a home warranty?  

Benefits to the Buyer:

The last thing a new buyer needs to worry about is the unexpected cost of repairing or replacing appliances or mechanical systems. Offering a home warranty from the very beginning is the least expensive way to eliminate all that fear and anxiety prospective buyers have over the older appliances.  It is the most cost-efficient way to save on home repairs.

Benefits to the Seller:

Selling a home in today’s competitive market can be difficult. Homes with warranties can sell faster than homes on the market without warranty.  Often appliances can be the main obstacle in selling your home. A home warranty will reduces the extra stress when selling a home by minimizing the chance of any conflicts or added expenses after a home has been sold.

Why Home Warranty of America – HWA?

13 MONTH Home Warranty of America – Home Warranty Plan:

  • Most home warranties are only good for one year. HWA is the only nationwide home warranty company that offers a full 13 months of home protection.

Listing Coverage for 6 Months:

  • During home’s listing period, all appliances and mechanical systems are repaired or replaced for a low trade call fee for up to 180 days- that’s a full 6 months of coverage.  

Full Coverage- With No Age Restrictions:

  • At HWA, we cover homes of any age, with no restriction on the age of any mechanical system or appliance.

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