September 22, 2017

Staging a Home in Atlanta is A Better Way to Sell an Atlanta Home!


Staging a Home in Atlanta is A Better Way to Sell an Atlanta Home!

By Ellen Crawford CRS 

Home staging sells homes – free home staging advice for Atlanta home sellers! 

 Atlanta home stagers sell homesEveryone wants to sell their home in Atlanta, but no one wants to listen to the Atlanta listing agent that has a lot of experience selling homes!  That’s because most home sellers as much as they say they want to sell a home, are actually in denial and cannot see the forest thorough the trees!  The problem is that they are too familiar with their surroundings and do not want to leave that comfort zone after all ignorance is bliss, but unfortunately it will mean a “NO SALE!” 

When we advise a person that the home needs paint, the decor is dated, the carpeting is worn, and the home smells of cigarettes and pets it is not a personal attack on the home owner.  They called us there because they needed advice, then they reject the advice?  What gives?  What has occurred is the Atlanta home seller does not want to hear the truth, and they are looking for an easier softer way!  Guess what?  There isn’t one! 

The reality is that selling a home in Atlanta is a very competitive sport these days!  There is still a lot of competition from new homes builders, foreclosures, and other Atlanta homeowners that are upside down, and it seems that everyone wants to sell except you! 

It is good to remember that home sales are not about the home sellers, they are about the home buyers – they have the money, and most Atlanta home buyers are looking for a nice home that reasonably priced and is “Turn Key Ready!”  That means, they are looking for a home they can move right into, not a project to be completed at a later date!  They want to get on with their lives ASAP!  So that is where home staging comes in. 

Home staging allows you to show off the best features of your home and diminishes the negatives.  In real estate, we’ve been successfully doing this for years, and have some great results!  There is so much more to staging is more than fluffing up a few pillows, and putting down a throw rug here or there… those are just accents and highlighting. Staging starts with a whole house cleaning, fixing broken items, removing the clutter and unneeded obstacles in a home.  Next it requires that the home is neutralized to appeal to many buyers not just one.  That means the home does not have to suit your personal tastes – depersonalize!  Your favorite paint colors and choice of wallpaper do not matter at this point – you are now selling your home to a new owner.

Home Staging is an all inclusive process…that means it starts with curb appeal, first impressions, cleanliness, and neutral decor that is light, bright, and the home has no offensive odors!  It is our experience that well staged Atlanta homes that are priced correctly sell more quickly at a better price and have fewer issues to deal with!  For more information about selling a home in Atlanta or home staging to sell your home, please feel free to contact us!  We offer a Free CMA and home staging advice for Atlanta home sellers that list their home with us!

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