September 22, 2017

Dirty Homes Cost You! Clean Homes Sell Quick for Higher Prices.


Dirty Homes Cost You! Clean Homes Sell Quick for Higher Prices.

Atalnta clean homes sell faster at best price

It is a well known fact to veteran Atlanta real estate agents that clean homes sell more quickly and at a higher price than those that show poorly or are messy homes! The reason being is that most Atlanta home buyers cannot look past the dirt and clutter and view it as a chore that they will have to deal with when they purchase a home. Remember, Atlanta home buyers today are busy people on the go, and do not have time to take on other projects. Their feeling is that is the home is not clean, the home has also not been maintained well! So even if a Atlanta home buyer is interested, they will automatically deduct what they will offer for the home in a steep discount! The reason is simple? Your home has made a negative presentation!  Having a clean Atlanta home is very different than home staging – because smells, odors, dust, and cleanliness matter a lot!  For more information about selling a home in Atlanta contact Jim and Ellen Crawford Atlanta listing agents!

Would You Buy A Dirty Home in Atlanta?

The answer is simple, “No!” You would want the home you are buying to be in a turn key condition also! That means no painting, not cleaning, no new carpeting and no repairs to be made.

Key Areas to Clean in Dirty Homes

  • Beds not made.
  • Bathrooms need to be scrubbed and have clean linens.
  • Carpeting needs professional cleaning and vacuuming.
  • Clutter in home – old newspapers, magazines, and mail throughout home.
  • Cooking odors and grease build up in kitchen.
  • Dim lighting low wattage and burnt our lights need to be replaced.
  • Dirty windows, glass and mirrors.
  • Dirty faucets need cleaning and countertops cleaned and wiped down.
  • Fireplaces not cleaned – home smells of creosote.
  • Flooring needs cleaning, moping and waxing.
  • Handprints on walls and scuff marks need paint.
  • Kitchen and bath waste baskets filled.
  • Lawn needs cutting, trimming and pruning
  • Leaves on lawn
  • Mildew tiles and caulking needed in baths.
  • Pet odors and pet hairs
  • Piles of unwashed dirty laundry strewn about.
  • Smokers live in home.
  • Stove and range need to be cleaned.
  • Toilets not flushed or cleaned.
  • Worn stained carpeting and flooring.

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