September 22, 2017

Criteria for Selecting Atlanta listing Agents


What Should an Atlanta Homeowner Look for In a Listing Agent?

By Jim Crawford Broker Associate

Search for best Atlanta listing agentsI really think that many Atlanta homeowners do not know what to look for in an Atlanta listing agent when selling their home in Atlanta. It’s been our experience that most Atlanta home sellers are naive when selling a home. They have no idea or criteria to narrow their choices for the best listing agents that will help them accomplish their goal.  I can say that as a fact due to all the homes in Atlanta that go unsold each month and expire again and again. The Atlanta homeowners made a costly mistake! They either make several fatal presumptions. One is that all Atlanta listing agents are the same, and the other mistake is the homeowner believes they have more knowledge than the agent, and whom they choose is not important. If it is the later, they list their home with a friend of theirs that they play tennis with, or a neighbor, a co-worker, or someone from church. Does this make sense? What about qualifications? 

Do these Atlanta real estate agents actually have any experience selling anything, or do they just have a 70-hour real estate license from the state? A real estate sales license does not bring with it a track record of success, skill, or achievement. It is simply a license from the state that you can participate in real estate. It does not represent negotiation skills, or acumen for sales marketing, or anything else. A good analogy is would you like to have the surgeon that has performed 400 surgeries to repair your heart, or the surgeon that has just graduated and you are his/her first patient? Since a home is a very expensive investment, why not hire a REALTOR that has experience? If your tennis partner overprices your home, and it doesn’t sell ever…, or if they underpriced your home and you basically give it away for nothing one day on market…will they still your best friend?   A few of the worst ways to choose your listing agent is to hire an agent that charges the lowest fees of commissions – because that is not full service real estate that it passive marketing.  Another fatal mistake is to hire an Atlanta listing agent because they tell you what you want to hear!  In real estate that is called “Buying a listing!”  That is an agent that will list you at the highest price of all the agents you interviewed and then in a few weeks they will come knocking at your door telling you that we need a price reduction!  How deceptive is that?

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