September 22, 2017

Caution Selling Atlanta Homes with Pets


Atlanta Home Seller Tips | Caution Selling Atlanta Home with Pets

Atlanta home sellers with petsAre you an Atlanta home owner thinking of selling a home and you own pets?  Before you list your home careful consideration should be made on how you will handle showing your home with your pets in mind. Many times when reading the MLS many agents will want to proceed with caution when showing a home with pets.  Over the years of selling and showing Atlanta homes for sale, usually most Atlanta listing agents are very good about placing a notice about vicious pets or dogs in the MLS comments for real estate agents. Sometimes the home is listed as appointment only so that the owner can take the pet out of the home or contain the pet while the home is being shown however, that can be counterproductive if the showing times do not accommodate a buyers needs and time constraints! Most times, the pet is really friendly. All they is want attention, or to be petted, sometimes they just bark or jump a lot. And then there are the others that may bark or bite! Sometimes they get out of their cages or pen without warning and they are not friendly at all! Really this is no laughing matter when the agent is negligent in warning other agents of the situation. This can be a serious problem if someone is injured, insurance claims and lawsuits could occur.  Over the years I’ve seen Rottweiler’s on the loose, pigs, hogs, snakes, rats, cats and missing gerbils – most were pleasant occasions!  However, when pets get loose they are always a surprise if you are not forewarned! Atlanta listing agents need to work out the various scenarios when taking a new listing. Then they need to leave notices on doors just in case someone overlooks the remarks in the MLS handout.  Accidents and unpleasant incidents can be avoided if you plan in advance!  For more information about selling Atlanta homes with pets contact us!

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