September 22, 2017

Atlanta Real Estate Tips – Listing A Home for Sale with Best Friend


Atlanta Real Estate Tips – Listing A Home for Sale with Best Friend

Stop and think before listing your Atlanta home for sale with a friendListing A Home for Sale with A Best Friend May Not Be a Great Idea – Is everyone’s home in your neighborhood selling or under contract except yours?   Your home seems to be priced right, clean, has great curb appeal but it is listed for sale month after month!  Ouch that hurts!  Your home seems perfectly fine, and everything seems in order, and it may even be priced way below market, but still no offers!  A few more months pass, and now you see more your listing agent asks you for price reduction after price reduction and still no sale, and for the life of you cannot figure out why?  Let me ask you one question, did you list you home with your best friend?

Best friends are great especially those that you went to school with since kindergarten, high school or college buddies are fantastic also.  They are fun to be with play tennis with laugh at a few good jokes, they are great to be with at parties, and to lean on when times are tough.  It doesn’t get any better than this!  BFF -“Best Friends forever!” is a great phrase except to when it comes to selling a home!  Friendship may have nothing to do with ability to sell a home in Atlanta, and that is especially true if they just dabble in real estate.

More often than not the Atlanta listing agent and best friend you hired can be a dud when it comes to real estate or selling your home in Atlanta.  Just because your friend got the real estate license last month does not mean that they have the ability to sell anything – it simply means they have a license as required by the state to transact real estate.  A real estate license is not a college degree or an MBA.  Sometimes hiring a best friend is a matter that requires careful thought. You need to and ask yourself a few questions before signing the listing agreement on the dotted line.  First of all, do you want your best friend knowing all your financial business or personal matters?  If the home does not sell or sells at a very low price will you still be best friends?  Can you friend remain objective in accomplishing your goals without becoming personally involved in the deal?  Is your friend capable of selling your home?

Atlanta homeowners need to know that other Atlanta real estate agents cannot contact you once you list your home.   If you home remains on the market for an extended period of time other agents are not allowed to contact you and tell you why your home is not selling.  First of all it is against state real estate laws which view this as a solicitation of a listing and secondly it is a violation of ethics if they agent is a Realtor.  The reason is legal interference – you are under contract (a signed listing agreement) with another agent.  Other agents know the reasons your home is not selling.  They’ve tried unsuccessfully to contact your agent, but your agent may not be doing their job!  Seller’s property disclosures or plats, condo docs or HOA covenants Rules and Restrictions are not faxed or online after repeated requests from other Atlanta real estate agents. That causes an impatient buyer to reluctantly move on to the next home on their list!  Inaccessibility and unresponsiveness of the listing agent may cost the home owners a sale and they may never even know it!  The problem could be that your best friend and agent is too comfortable with your friendship, and figures there is no rush!  Perhaps they are in the wrong business or working a full time job. Whatever the reason, your home is not selling because of poor real estate service.

What are the Signs of Poor Real Estate Service?

  • Agents Business Cards are Overflowing Kitchen Table and Your Agent is Not Following Up!

  • Agent Unwilling to Listen to ideas.

  • Agent Only Returned Calls The Following Day

  • Cheap Commission – No Advice

  • Empty Promises without the Performance to Back It Up In Results.

  • Inaccessible – No One Can Access Your Home.

  • Incompetence – The Agent Does Not Know What They Are Doing!

  • Lack of Technology – Blog, WordPress, Twitter, or Website

  • No Feedback on Price Or Showings,

  • No Filers for You Flyer box or Brochures.

  • No Photos on the MLS Or Internet

  • No Marketing – Print, Ads, Web, or Open House.

  • No Offers not even a Bad Offer!

  • No Sale!

  • No Showings of Home.

  • No Virtual Tour of Home!

  • No Website or Website Presence!

  • Phone calls will be returned after 5 PM or Following Day. 

  • Unreturned Calls

  • Voicemail Is Full

  • Wrong Listing Information in MLS Listing

Sound familiar?  As full time Atlanta real estate professionals that work expired listings this is all too common scenario of Atlanta expired homes that did not sell.  The real estate industry has become a haven for those seeking extra income, and have bought into the real estate fantasy.  Disney money, vacation money, and a few dollars for the extras in life!  It is viewed by many as the EZ way to riches… but what about working for the results?  What about performance and skills? The sad reality is the agent maybe working a full time job, but just not in real estate.  They are playing in real estate, and not closing any sales. The sad reality is they have no routines, and systems in place to guide them through he process. This is unfortunate for your if you were looking for results! It may be a very costly mistake  for a home seller to choose an agent to list their home in Atlanta because the listing agent lives in their subdivision, is on their tennis team, and makes a mean margarita!

So when the home languishes on the market for a half a year or longer, and the only activity is price reductions and excuses…who is a seller to blame? They need not look further than themselves!  They have entrusted their so called best friend with the largest amount of money they will ever invest without qualifying the person for any business acumen!  Consequently there is no accountability to perform and sell the home.  Nada! The friend need not perform or demonstrate  experience, abilities, or provide any testimonials that will assure the home seller that they are hiring a professional, and they are in good hands.  The seller has given their friend a “Pass GO” and “Get out of Jail FREE! card!  So just because your neighbor has a real estate license it doesn’t mean they’ve ever sold a single property, or that they have any marketing abilities.  Atlanta home sellers should think twice before they list with a friend…unless the friend is willing to pay the mortgage for all the months the home goes unsold!  With friends like this, who needs enemies?

*If your home is already listed this is no a solicitation of that listing.  This is just a real estate article that is based upon our experienced in the Atlanta real estate market since 1993!

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