Atlanta Homes for Sale for Handicapped Home Buyers

Atlanta Homes for Sale for Handicapped Home Buyers


Atlanta Homes for Sale for Handicapped Home Buyers and Sellers

Atlanta Homes for handicapped home buyersI was speaking with a friend of ours who is a nurse in Atlanta.  We were discussing housing for patients with special needs and I was surprised at the number of people who needed a certain level of comfort in their living environment.  While some patients had respiratory problems, other challenges included spinal injuries.  One thing you’ll never have to worry about in Atlanta is air conditioning; I don’t anywhere you could buy without it!  However, people with spinal injuries for example are often completely unable to reach air conditioning and/or heating units to change the filters.  I can easily pull down my attic stairs and turn to the right and pull out a filter and pop a new one in every month.  How can someone in a wheelchair handle this?  Many units are now highly accessible via what appears to be a closet that houses the mechanics with louver slats to allow for air flow.  The new front-loading washer and dryer made doing laundry a lot easier and that was in a nearby “closet” as well behind a set of very light doors that rolled on a track with a slight push.

We sold a friend’s townhome recently.  He lived in it since 1976 and only recently needed to add a ramp to the three steps leading to his front door for wheelchair access as he has become quite frail.  When he sold and re-purchased a condo, we made sure he had a totally stepless entry and that the front door as well as all interior doors were widened.  The new flooring was a combination of an “easy” tile (not brittle) in the kitchenette and mostly hardwoods.  Fortunately, this building had elevators and for those still able to drive, the garage was under the main building, open to the street, with very wide parking spaces to maneuver a wheelchair or walker. 

A dear friend now living in Texas is also in a wheelchair on and off.  Her wider doors even had special hinges whereby she could push the door even farther back which is a great idea for people needing to carry their oxygen and other supplies like my Mom did.  I think the most obvious handicap necessity is more easily accessible toilets and room around the toilet for shower access.  I had no idea, but the Japanese, because their apartments can be very small, have had a sort of collapsible toilet for some time so they can more easily access their deep tubs.  The shower had a collapsible seat that could easily be pulled down and there were grab bars and a safety button and string just like in a hospital that sounded and caused a light in the hallway to blink in the event of an emergency.  The bathroom sink was lower as well with long handles for the water taps and the sink was easily rolled under.  The countertops in the kitchen had a roll under sink as well.  I was reminded of one of those illusion paintings where despite that open space in the kitchen it didn’t seem odd or like cabinets were missing, very clever.

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