September 22, 2017

Atlanta Home Sellers Mistakes Ruin Chances of Selling A Home


Atlanta Home Sellers Mistakes Ruin Chances of Selling A Home

Atlanta home seller mistakes Here is another fun trend in Atlanta real estate I’d like to share!  In today’s real estate market many Atlanta home sellers are using discounted Atlanta real estate services , and not getting real advice from any real estate agents, or they are not following the advice their agent gave them. That is just poor judgement, and the consequences for this are disastrous.  There are many homes in Atlanta that are not selling because home sellers are ill informed and working against their own best interests!  Or worse yet, these homes are selling for much lower than they should because the Atlanta home seller has unwittingly thwarted the sale of their own home themselves!  Yet at the same time I’m sure the Atlanta real estate agents are getting an earful from the very same home sellers that no one is showing their home. 

An Atlanta listing agent may think their clients are “GOLDEN” but here’s what is really happens when you try to show their home:

  • Home sellers restrict showing times.  The agent asks to show at 12:30 and they tell you could you come later!

  • The seller says, “I’ve out of town guests, come back next week!”

  • Seller’s don’t leave the home when you arrive and follow you around…running interference.

  • The seller in front of you asks buyer to deal directly with seller! So No Agents will Be Involved in Sale!  (Lawsuit!)

  • The home is absolutely filthy! The home smells funny, dishes are piled high in the sink.

  • The vicious pets were not secured !

  • You called the seller twice to make an appointment to show, when you arrive, seller says  “Why didn’t you call first?”

  • Beds are not made, soiled laundry in strewn about the home.  Dirty underwear on kitchen table!

  • They’ve been smoking in the home big time!

  • Someone threw a major party and did not clean up!

  • Beds are not made, ashtrays are full!

  • Someone was just smoking pot, and your client is a police officer!

  • The pets could just not hold it anymore, and the carpet and floors have been soiled.

  • Teenagers are having a sex party in your master bath suite!

  • No lockbox – the lockbox you called for the seller to put out is missing.

  • No matter what time you want to show, it is inconvenient!

  • For those divorcing, one spouse says show the home, the other says “NO!”

  • Condo seller says “I’m to tired!  Show the unit next door, and if you like that, write a contract for mine, It’s better!”

  • The seller tells you all the details about the home, that any good agent would tell them not to say!

I know I ‘m not alone here, as a very experienced real estate agents in Atlanta and that many of us had similar stories to share.  Sometimes Atlanta home seller’s  are their own worst enemy, you would think that most home sellers would be appreciative of someone trying to show and sell their home in today’s lackluster real estate market!  Or perhaps they have listed with a discount company, or an a newly licensed Atlanta real estate agent that has absolutely no experience in selling a home.  All they did was list it and place a for sale sign in the front yard!  Home sellers need to prepare the home, keep it clean, accommodate showing agents, and stay out of the way!  The last buyer through the door may be your last!  Bad news travels fast!

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