September 22, 2017

Atlanta Home Seller Tips for Remodeled and Renovated Homes


Atlanta Home Seller Tips | Remodeled and Renovated Homes

Atlanta home selling tips Atlanta GA remodeled homes sell Are you selling a renovated or remodeled home in Atlanta?  This is a small post I created as an Atlanta home seller tip for homeowners considering selling a home in today’s Atlanta real estate market.  There is no worse abuse than the abuse in “Truth in Advertising!” Often times we show home listings in real estate that says “Home recently updated, or just renovated!” The terms that are used very loosely are plastered all over the flyers, MLS listing and “Updated Kitchen!” “Update New Updated Systems and Mechanics!” “Remodeled Bath!  And when you get to the home there is nothing but a few slaps of fresh paint, and cleaned the carpets that should have been replaced. That is very deceptive, and counter-productive to the sale.  It leaves a very bad taste in the mouth of the potential home buyer and probably cost you the sale of your home!

I think nothing is more depressing than a disappointed Atlanta home buyer that really had their hopes up that this would be the home for them only to find out it was just a waste of time. It’s been my experience that empty advertised promises can actually make a home buyer angry!  As an agent there is nothing that upsets you more that when you show a home that was built in the 1980’s, and find there were no improvements.  The home still has the original carpeting, original furnace, air conditioner, roof, and  original builder grade appliances in the kitchen. Everything is in need of almost immediate replacing.   It irks you to think that these are also the original owners that have double or tripled their homes worth, and haven’t done one single project to the home since they purchased it!  It is the same old home that the buyer purchased years ago and they have not done one thing to improve it!  The homes still has the original kitchen, builder grade lighting, cheap white ceiling fans with 2 inches of dust on them, avocado faded Formica counter-tops, the hot water heater in the basement has rust stains underneath it, the furnace is gasping and has at least an inch of dust on top etc…   Yet the home is billed as having new updated systems, and that the home is newly renovated.  However nothing could be further from the truth!  The potential Atlanta home buyer looks at this as a project that will cost him lots of money!  The real insult to injury is the home sellers have the home priced the same as the home down the street that has been totally gutted and remodeled with new kitchen cabinets, granite counter-tops, under counter lighting, and all new appliances in the kitchen!  For more information about selling a home in Atlanta, Atlanta home staging , or  find out what you home is worth in Atlanta with a Free CMA , contact us now!

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