September 22, 2017

Atlanta Home Seller Tips | Common Home Selling Mistakes


Atlanta Home Seller Tips | Common Home Selling Mistakes

Atlanta Home Seller Costly MistakesAtlanta Home Seller Mistakes When Selling A Home.  When placing an Atlanta home for sale in this current Atlanta real estate market we are in right now, setting the right listing price is critical to getting a home sold.  It is imperative to carefully determine the correct listing price!  Homes are still selling everyday in Atlanta…however, buyers are few and far between!  You may only get 1 chance at bat so it is wise to start off with the right price.  So how do you choose the right listing price?  New agents and ones without any experience will take the listing without making any recommendations to the home seller.  However most seasoned real estate agents will not take the listing if the seller is being unrealistic.

Home seller pricing mistake # 1 keying into current listed prices in the neighborhood in last 90 days.  If you start your process here, you are doomed to failure.  Correct pricing is not the price that neighbors are listing for…, but rather it is the sold price your neighborhood homes are actually selling for minus seller concessions.

Home seller pricing mistake # 2 If you’ve added a new hot water heater, a new roof, replaced the kitchen appliances, and changed out your HVAC units when they broke a few years ago… you cannot add them to the price of your home!  They are maintenance items!  What would your home be worth if your hot water heater leaked and did not work, what if you never replaced your leaky roof or the Air-conditioner that does not work?  Chances are your home is work a lot less.

Home seller pricing mistake # 3  Is the mistaken belief that upgrades and improvements of the property will be recouped 100%!  It does not work that way.  We are not watching Flip this house!  The real world in real estate is very different than an altered reality TV show.  If you put 20K into a kitchen, it may only return 10K.  This will vary from price range to price range.  There is no written law that guarantees you will get full price back on the granite counter-tops you just installed!  However, those improvements may be the key that actually allows you to sell your home!

Home seller pricing mistake # 4  Too many improvements in the wrong neighborhood may preclude you from making any profit!  It really is not smart to have the 350K home in the 200K neighborhood!  Sorry, you made a big blunder!  You will have to sit down and really strategy’s how you can exact out the highest possible price given current market conditions!  It is not your agent, it is not a reflection or a statement on your home, it is a fact.  People do not mind paying, but a cautious buyer wants to make sure they are buying correctly!

Home seller pricing mistake # 5 is believing that a home buyer will want your personalized decor!  They won’t! Neutralize your home for the average buyer. You’ll have more interest in your home, and net a higher price.

Home seller pricing mistake # 6 is thinking you know more than your Atlanta real estate agent.   Listen to what they have to say, and then do it!  Chances are you’ve sold 1 or 2 homes in a lifetime, a good real estate agent may sell 30 or 40 homes a years.  That is what is referred to as experience!  Don’t make a fatal mistake when selling a home in Atlanta.  Before you list your home, contact Jim and Ellen Crawford – they’ve successfully sold homes in the North Atlanta area since 1993.


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