September 22, 2017

Atlanta Home Seller Tips Paint Your Home


Atlanta Home Selling Tips – Paint Homes Before Listing for Sale

Atlanta home seller tips paint homes to sellAtlanta home selling tips – Paint Your Home!  In all the years working as Atlanta listing agents I think of all the mistakes Atlanta home owners can make is not spending a few dollars and getting their home painted before trying to place it on the market.  Painting a home in Atlanta is basic 101 common sense in “How to prepare a home for sale!”  Making a decision not to paint is counterproductive and penny wise and pound foolish!  That decision of not to paint a home will cost an Atlanta homeowner and seller big money in the long run! Paint is a great neutralizer of tacky colors, kid tracks, it masks cooking odors, cigarette  and cigar smoke. After painting a home, it will no longer smell stale!  If you close your eyes in a home that is just painted and aired out, he smell of fresh paint wafting through he home may even let you think you are in a new home. Neutral paints can soften bright lime colors, lavenders, and forest green and many other decor infractions of well meaning home owners that watched one too many Flip this home shows! When you think about it, paint is really an inexpensive fix, and cure all. Years ago we had a seller that kept wanting to hold hands and pray why his home was not selling. He kept wanting to reduce price. I reminded him that I had not asked for one price reduction. He still insisted on prayer. After praying onetime, I turned to him and said “I hope you got the same answer I did!” He said “What was that?” I Said, ” You need to paint your pink walls!” He said “They are not pink, they are mauve!” I told home, “Do you hear yourself? The same way you keep avoiding painting your home, is the same way the buyers are avoiding it! I cannot help it if the word paint contains PAINT!” He relented and painted, and we received multiple offers. The lesson is he was on the market for 1.5 years as a Atlanta FSBO, and 3 months with us. The cost of the paint job was about $1000.  He reduced the price of the home over 30K, all because the seller did not want to listen to the voice of experience. Painting a home was not as expensive as most people think.  If you are not sure shop around for some inexpensive price quotes!  Keep in mind buyers want to buy a home, not buy into a project.  For more information about selling a home in Atlanta or Atlanta home staging please feel free to contact us!

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