September 22, 2017

Atlanta Expired listings homes that do not sell


When Atlanta Homes Don’t Sell | Don’t Blame the Listing Agent!

Expired listings Atlanta - homes that do not sell!When a home listed for sale in Atlanta does not sell, it is called and “Expired Listing!”  When an Atlanta home expires on the market it is always too easy to blame the Atlanta listing agent for the home not selling!  Not so!  Sometimes Atlanta home owners sellers look at you when you ask them if they’ve any idea why their home didn’t sell and expired?  They answer “NO, not really!”  Many homeowners imply that other listing agent just wasn’t aggressive enough!  …or that the agent didn’t do enough open homes or advertise the listing everyday!  So why do Atlanta listings expire? First of all the seller needs to take some responsibility.  An agent by law only represents the seller’s interest and does not make decisions for them.   Since I specialized in them some of the more common reasons were that the home had no upgrades and was over priced.  The home was very untidy and the floors were let’s say could use a good moping, and vacuuming!  The home had funky colors or was too bland and the seller did not feel painting the home was needed.  There were barking dogs and hissing pets, and the cats sharpened their claws wooded molding.  There was rotted wood on the exterior trim, the basement had mildewed walls, the home lacked curb appeal and the light fixtures were dated lighting with tarnished brass.  On the exterior the grass needed a good cutting and trimming, and there were purple shutters.  The interior of the home had lime green walls, dated wall paper, leaky faucets.  Do you see where this is going?  There are a lot of items that need to be done by the home owner and seller before a home is placed on the market.  It is called “Preparing a home for sale!”  Next the Atlanta homes have to be priced correctly, show well to support the price as in home staging, and then the home needs to be marketed correctly by an experienced Atlanta real estate agent that knows what they are doing!  For more information about selling a home in Atlanta contact us!   We can help you sell your home in Atlanta and are experienced Atlanta listing agents serving the North Metro area of Atlanta since 1993!

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